Our funding partner Ideal Developments shares the same philosophy of bringing families together and helping those in need by providing homes and developing sustainable communities around the world.
The Build Haven program funded by Ideal Developments will build a new home for a family in a developing nation for every home purchased from Ideal Developments.

It is a very simple philosophy. Buy one, give one. There`s absolutely no extra cost for their purchasers and Ideal Hope’s Build Haven works with a level of transparency and integrity that gets the job done right before your eyes.

This is the first program of its kind in Canada, and perhaps the world. 


Our first initiative was to build free housing for 35 displaced families, to return to their land in the vicinity of the Nagulleswaram village in Tellippalai DS division, Sri Lanka.

Prior to being displaced in 1990 during the civil war, these families lived in solid houses with permanent toilets and was involved in lucrative farming practices. During the displacement, their houses, water sources and sanitation facilities were all damaged or destroyed.

Under the Buildhaven program, Ideal Hope foundation has built these 35 houses with the funding from Ideal Developments.

With 11ftx 22ft specifications these houses include two separate compartments, two doors and a window to allow sufficient ventilation. One section of the wall is built on cement blocks up to the roof level which allows the beneficiary to receive electricity facilities and the other part is built to a half cement block wall and partly covered in plywood giving more durability. Metro roof sheets are used for roofing which is beneficial for the tropical warm climate. These houses are built on a solid rubble foundation making space for further permanent improvement of the facility.

These houses are also accompanied by permanent toilets which has been normal package for
the returnee. The sanitation facilities are regarded as mandatory as often the facilitated return becomes unsuccessful without the very basic facilities in place. The toilet will be with three pit soakage pit design that is designed for the conditions in Jaffna to prevent pollution to water table with a permanent room.

The beneficiaries now enjoy their safe new homes together with security, stability and freedom.