Every donation no matter how small or large, helps us make a difference. There is a lot of planning and hard work that goes into building sustainable communities, and we’re not only providing homes but an extensive array of materials and support that helps communities thrive.


Where your money goes

We have established relationships with a variety of partners including; charities and non-profit organizations who share our vision to create a better life for everyone. Your donation helps us address homelessness from disaster relief and inspire change in communities both here in Canada and the developing world.


How your money helps

  • Builds homes and communities
  • Financially supports handicapped children and orphans
  • Funds education programs
  • Job creation through livestock funding
  • Establishes manufacturing jobs
  • The development of hospitals and medical procedures
  • Supports and builds places of worship


How to give

There are a number of ways to get involved to help make the world a better place to live. We are always looking for donations and volunteers to help us build homes and inspire change.

Become part of a team who shares a vision for meeting the needs of providing affordable housing for everyone.

To donate, please email us at donations@idealhope.org