Ideal Hope Foundation builds houses in Sri Lanka and India

……For every Ideal Developments house sold in Toronto, the foundation builds a house in areas of Sri Lanka that are rebuilding after the country’s civil war. The organization started by building homes in Mr. Nadarajalingam’s birthplace and so far has built 36 houses in the country. Ideal Hope has also built 10 houses in an area of India affected by flooding.

Mr. Omkarananda, who runs the foundation, said the charity plans to build as many as 1,000 houses (each costs about $4,000) in three years……

Building locally, acting globally

…….Adding to the thrill of their new homes was the discovery that, for every home purchased at Modern Manors, including theirs, Ideal Developments — through the Ideal Hope Foundation established by the founder — will build a home for a needy family in the developing world.

“I’ve never heard of a builder doing something like this,” says Esaad. “It makes me feel great to know I’m part of something like this, even though it’s not coming directly from me. It’s good to help others.”…..

Ideal Hope Foundation

THE IDEAL HOPE FOUNDATION was established to enrich the lives of those in need by providing homes for everyone, to keep families together and call upon others to do the same. Its mission is to provide homes, inspire hope and contribute to the development of sustainable communities in the developing world. This will be accomplished through an integrated approach to both the funding and implementation of Ideal Hope.