Shajiraj Nadarajalingam
Founding Member

Guided by the belief that every person needs a safe home in this world we call home, Ideal Hope was founded by philanthropist and visionary Shaji to create access to safe,decent,and affordable housing for the inderprivileged in the developing world.

Shaji is also the visionary behind the Ideal Group of Companies. As a veteran entrepreneur and specialist in residential, commercial, and custom home projects, he is taking Ideal Hope to new heights making a difference in many developing nations,and also here at home in canada.

Shaji’s extensive experience branches from local businesses to international corporations,serving areas in North and South America, India and the Middle East, and it’s his philanthropic side that will use these experiences to better the world.

Sri Nithya Omkarananda
Executive Director

Sri Nithya Omkarananda is a veteran entrepreneur with a reputation of having the profound ability to transform distressed ventures into enterprising entities. He believes that every person takes birth to fulfill a purpose in life but they are sometimes prevented by social, cultural, economic,or environmental factors. At Ideal Hope, omkara will provide leadership and hope through philanthropy, shelter, education and income creation to create a more purposeful world

Kubes Nava

Kubes Nava is the Director of Corporate and Legal Affairs at Ideal Developments Inc, and his responsibilities include the oversight of all legal matters and corporate processes for the company. Kubes completed his Bachelor of Engineering Degree at McMaster University. After a couple of years of working, he pursued the profession of law.

Kubes has worked for the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, focusing on litigation and estate matters,which also included complex real estate transactions involving lands escheating to the crown. He was able merge his engineering and law disciplines to start his legal practice specializing in land development, construction and real-estate financing.

Michael Fredericks

Michael Fredericks focuses on the sales and marketing for Ideal Developments Inc. Michael completed a Systems Engineering from Centenial College to compliment his accounting degree from the University of Guyana, South America. He then pursued sales and marketing both domestically, and internationally, and has become a leading consultant in marketing and sales for both national and international companies.

Michael brings over twenty years of experience in sales, distribution and international business to Ideal Developments. Amongst his significant previous positions, Michael was an IBM team member engaged in technical support for the Community Living Toronto Association. He also worked with Home Depot in sales management and was later recruited by a Middle Eastern building and contracting group as their principal purchasing and Sales Manager for North America.